Good and Cheap Hotels in the Centre of Santiago

destination: Chile, South America

Santiago is the capital and largest city of Chile. It is located in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago, in the Chilean Central Valley, next to the Andes Mountain Range. It is the largest and most important and developed urban, financial, cultural and administrative center of the country. Most of Santiago is in the province of the same name, with some peripheral sectors within the provinces of Maipo, Cordillera and Talagante. We made a list of 14 low cost hotels for … Continued

Top 12 Resorts in Rio de Janeiro

destination: Brazil, South America

The state of Rio de Janeiro has many natural beauties both on its coast and in its mountainous region. Of course the hotel chain has been able to fully exploit these features and offers high quality resorts in truly paradise scenarios. We made a list of 12 resorts for your next trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Of course all of these accommodations options have received positive reviews from most guests. In this recommendations list, we only select properties with … Continued

The Best Hotels in Rio de Janeiro Main Beaches

destination: Brazil, South America

Rio de Janeiro is a famous Brazilian city, capital of the state, located in the southeast of the country. The best known Brazilian city in the world, the largest route of international tourism in Brazil and one of the main tourist destination in Latin America. The capital city of Rio de Janeiro serves as a “mirror”, or “national portrait”, whether positively or negatively. It is also known as Cidade Maravilhosa, that means wonderfull city. The south area, close to the … Continued